Sunday, May 1, 2011

Unadvertised CVS Special--Good til June!!!

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Unadvertised Frito-Lay Deal makes single serve bags FREE!

This is an unadvertised deal that I've seen on several blogs, but needed to check it out myself. In fact, it's REAL! Purchase an single-serve Frito-Lay brand bags (3/$1) and you'll receive 1 ECB. From what I see, you can purchase 15 bags total for $5 and then get 5 ECBs----this means FREE!!! Another unadvertised special is that you can purchase single-serve peanuts & sunflower seeds for 3/$1.50 & get 1 ECB...this means all 3 for $.50!!! I have no idea how many times you can redeem this deal (often once you've reached the max of 5, that's all your Extra Savings Card will allow, but sometimes it allows these unadvertised specials more than once). My kids will be gobbling these things can't keep enough junk food in the house for them, and the best thing is, NO STALE CHIPS b/c they'll eat them 1 (or 3) at a time! Supposedly, this deal will go on until June, so I'll keep you updated if it works again.

There are SO MANY FREEBIES this week that I'll be posting throughout the week. Last week was a slow 1 because there were no coupons, so frequently the stores don't do extra deals. Another REALLY GREAT DEAL that seems to be unadvertised is re: OTC medications at Rite Aid. It's called the "Weekend Warrior" deal, and when you purchase $25 worth of the OTC meds on the list, you'll receive $10 in Register Rewards (RRs). SEVERAL of the ones you can choose from, you receive Register Rewards for already, and MOST of them have you'll either get them for pennies on the dollar, FREE, or they'll be a MONEY MAKER! The information for these will be under my Rite Aid blog. One thing I KNOW is included, is the new Tylenol Precise, and if you're interested in this one, you may want to wait until next week to get the RRs. They'll be on sale for $5, I will have a link to a $5 coupon (you can print 5 of these) AND you'll get the RRs, so it will be a $10 MONEY MAKER to purchase 5 Tylenol Precise Patches (but again, this won't be until May 8th)!!!!

Check back tomorrow for a list of ALL of my FREEBIES, Samples, and Deals for the week. Since this week Tops will double $1/off coupons w/ the coupon doubler in the flier for each shopping trip, you may want to make several trips to Tops because there are GREAT DEALS where you can get many things for free or next to nothing!

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