Other Ways that I save money and earn it all while on the internet (these are legitimate, not "scams!"

An easy way to earn coupons and things for your home or deals from partnered programs is to join Recyclebank. Just click on the link below and fill out a 30-second form to get started. You can find ways to reduce your carbon footprint EVERYWHERE, and Recyclbank can point you in the right direction!!!


I have installed the Swag Bucks toolbar on both of my computers and use it each time I search. You earn "Swag Bucks" which can turn into gift cards, merchandise, or e-certificates. Tonight I turned in my points for amazon.com gift cards (you can use as many as you like to purchase items at Amazon.com and I bought A LOT at Christmas time) and 2 restaurant gift certificates to give to relatives who live far away. Click on the link below to install your own swag bucks bar or just to sign up for a swag bucks account. You can earn these swag bucks other ways, and I will fill you in when there are special "swag codes" to earn you extra points. Click on the link or picture to sign up:
(By the way, I've earned 107 "Swag Bucks" since I wrote this about 8 hours ago, just for searching and taking the poll, I've DONE NOTHING ELSE WITH THE SITE AT ALL...not sure why it went that high, but it did! You only need 460 to earn a $5 Amazon gift card!)

Search & Win


I also shop on-line using E-bates WHENEVER I CAN! They have daily doubles where you earn extra points, all you have to do is shop! Then, a percentage of what you spend is put into your E-bates account, and a check is sent to you or you can choose a pay pal option. It's like getting "cash back" for your purchases, or a rebate that you don't have to send in a proof-of-purchase for. E-bates also has coupons for their merchants that you can't find anywhere else...an example is that I did not pay S/H one time for Christmas, and since I'm in a wheelchair, E-bates and the internet is the only way I COULD Christmas shop (and unlike most, I didn't have to wait in line!!) Click on the link below to sign up for your E-bates account...it, too is FREE! As soon as you sign up, you get a $5 bonus to start your account that is available as soon as you shop for the first time. I shop at Sierra Trading Post, Old Navy, HSN, Target, Kmart, The Body Shop, Toys-R-Us, Elizabeth Arden, LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, Barnes and Noble, JoAnn Fabrics, Macy's and more... That's just to give you an example that you can find stores to shop at too! An added bonus is that if you refer 50 friends, you win an iPad! There are other incentives for referring friends that include  in your account and earning prizes until the middle of April, so, what are you waiting for!?! Click on this link/button to sign up, did I mention it's free?


(As of 3/17/2011 I've learned that this offer is NOT available in New York State...instead, you get 500 bonus points on their "Shop Your Way to Rewards Card" Click HERE to apply. 1 point is earned for every $10 you spend at Kmart, Land's End, Sears, My Gofer, and The Great Outdoors Store. For every 1,000 points, you earn $1 that can be spent at any of the stores so buying prescriptions has you earn $1/every 2 prescriptions! $$ can be used at any of the stores listed)

Another great way to EARN money (in this case Kmart gift cards) with little or no effort on your part is to transfer up to 5 prescriptions to your local Kmart pharmacy. For each prescription transferred from now until 4/30/11, you earn a $20 gift card as long as the cost of the prescription (either out of pocket, cost of co-pay, or cost of insurance coverage plus co-pay) is more than $20, you get the gift card. I've got to say that I'm definitely NOT ADVOCATING that you drop your trusted pharmacist or pharmacy just to save/earn money. It's a great idea to have all of your prescriptions at the same pharmacy to avoid possible harmful drug interactions, but this is a year where we've had to make some tough choices re: money and specifically prescription costs. I have a lifelong chronic illness that requires that I take many hundreds of dollars of medications (in co-pays) per month, and I had to leave a "mom and pop" type pharmacy that I loved to move to a pharmacy that has been great, but where there are different pharmacists on duty all of the time so I could get 90-day supplies of medications for the same price I was paying for a $30 day supply. This is a money saving option you might want to consider, especially if you have the need to just pick up a 1-time script like an antibiotic, or you're on monthly sinus medications and it doesn't really matter where you get those from.The application was on the back of this week's flier, it can be picked up at hte Kmart pharmacy counter, or found on-line. In addition, there is an altruistic benefit, because for each prescription transferred, Kmart will donate $25 to the March of Dimes. If you aren't happy with Kmart pharmacy for some reason (I myself have never used them), you can simply get your prescription at your old pharmacy the following month.

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